so this is what you do on the internet now….

i have to admit i never saw myself as a part of the blogger nation, but here i am, with all of you.  first, one friend had a blog, and then another, and then before you know it everyone has been blogging and you’re not.  it makes you feel like you are most certainly, not sitting at the cool kids table.  so i was squirming around at the table with the kids who poke holes in their bologna (which i have never had the misfortune of ingesting) and fashion them into masks.

but i was waiting for a reason.

and then, a couple months ago my boyfriend and i decided to move to new york.  exciting?  yes, but not quite the grounds to start something like this up.

and then, my boyfriend and i decided– hey!  let’s drive across this vast nation!  see the america we haven’t seen after sticking to the coasts all our years.  straight up ‘america the beautiful’, sea-to-goddamn-shining sea.  you know, that kind of thing.

me: hey self, this would be a great way for you to jump into blog-world!

i’m not trying to make some profound statement on this country, i just want to be able to document this journey for me, and if i’m so lucky as to have any readers, for you.

so come with me, and we can make this trip a lot more interesting!


About mariel

new yorker. tv freelancer. pork bun enthusiast. cat person.
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