La règle du jeu

or….’the rules of the game’.  i don’t speak french, not a lick.  but i DID take european cinema in college and remember this title.  also– it’s a very common phrase.  but hey, don’t judge me, judge jean renoir.  i also managed to fall asleep in just about every class.  c’mon- it was at night!  and no, you can’t judge me on that, either.

our departure is a little over a week away, and i’m actually updating from the waiting room of my VW dealership, making sure the lil’one is ready and able to do some serious driving.

(that’s me.  and my car)

besides that- we are locking down on hotels, changing addresses, selling things, all that good stuff.  but let me tell you, everyone wants a refrigerator!  within minutes my inbox was flooded with requests.  it’s almost an ego-boost.  almost.

i’ve been trying to come up with some things to keep track of on the great journey.  so far, only lame stuff: miles driven, picture of the day.

INTERWEBS– this is where i need you!

give me things to look out for!  i will be in a car for 6-8 hours every day, entertainment is crucial.  so if you want me to find road signs, road kill, road-side diners, or anything else…please suggest!


About mariel

new yorker. tv freelancer. pork bun enthusiast. cat person.
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