oh right

i realized i completely forgot to tell you where my travels would be taking us through….so here is a lovely breakdown of the cities that will be visited.

let's do this

departing from: los angeles, ca, cruising altitude will be at ground level, reaching speeds in excess of 90mph where permitted.  food and beverage service will occur roughly mid-way between each city.  ridiculous tourist attractions are encouraged (game on, World’s Biggest Rubber Band Ball).  driving through tornadoes will be avoided if at all possible.

las vegas, nv (squander away bank account…..yep that sounds right)

grand canyon, az (will try to not fall in…no promises)

santa fe, nm (ah the great southwest…bobby flay eat your heart out!)

amarillo, tx (so….yeah)

tulsa, ok (fulfilling tween/teen dream of visiting native land of hanson)

st. louis, mo (to check out that damn arch)

chicago, il (double whammy, staying 2 nights here…home of el presidente, and many top chef alum)

cleveland, oh (rock n’ roll hall of fame!  U2 memorabilia!)

finally arriving at: new rochelle, ny


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new yorker. tv freelancer. pork bun enthusiast. cat person.
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One Response to oh right

  1. Places to go:
    (omg this font is huge)
    -The Thing, AZ
    -Little Anita’s in Santa Fe, also a ridiculous store called Jackalope. It has prairie dogs out back. And jackalopes. Make sure to order sopapillas at Little Anita’s.
    -Anywhere mentioned on the US Southwest episode of No Reservations (duh)
    -Petrified Forest/Painted Desert, AZ
    -Pueblo de Acoma, NM (http://www.acomaskycity.org/)
    -4 Corners national monument (they have good fry bread here)
    -That hot dog place from the Chicago ep. of No Reservations.
    -This website: http://www.roadsideamerica.com/

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