chego, almost famous, and more boxes

that was my friday in under 10 words.

the kitchen is now out of commission, everything has been wrapped up, packed up and stacked up.  fridge has been unplugged, ready to get carted off tomorrow. scratch that, it’s been sold.  i started this post yesterday.

as i was saying, remember the almost fanatic response?  well it didn’t take long to secure a buyer.  i really think it was the ice maker that made it so popular.  personally, i do not care for ice trays,  more so the labor involved and the inevitability that you will spill approximately half the water on the floor before getting it into the freezer.  and so 2 years ago when picking out a fridge i saw this was available and pounced on it.

by the way, the whole BYO refrigerator thing out here in los angeles?  it’s a little annoying.  for those unfamiliar– it’s a very inconsistent system.  if you are moving into a place that does not have a fridge you have to purchase one– a daunting task by itself.  and once you own it, when moving to the next place you either have to a) schlep it or b) sell it because the next place has one already and you can’t bring yours.

just bringing it to your attention.

since the fridge and furthermore the entire kitchen are no longer available to use for nourishment, we have begun the “eating out for every meal” phase.  so we traveled all the way to palms/culver city for one last glorious meal at chego!  and all i have to say is this: pork belly.  and a chocolate-sriracha bar.

yes, you are jealous.

oh wow that is HUGE.  if only for dramatic effect.  but necessary.

i will dearly miss the culinary stylings of chef roy and the kogi team.

so after a delicious dinner, it was time to visit a friend and watch our all-time favorite movie, almost famous.  if you have never seen it, stop reading this and go rent the movie.  GO.  we can recite almost the entire film, so catch up.  it was so wonderful.  again.  bringing up memories of the previous screening or things that were happening around that time.  i can not say enough great things about this movie.  cameron crowe, you made good on this one.

lastly, more packing.  it’s really the worst.  especially because of the distance it has to go.  none of this willy-nilly toss in a box and it’s good to go.  i’m talking bubble-wrap and foam, kids.  and so many boxes.  but you already know what that looks like.  before everything gets shipped off i’ll be sure to post a final “oh my look how many boxes it took” photo.

that’s all for tonight.  more to come.


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new yorker. tv freelancer. pork bun enthusiast. cat person.
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