greetings from…

fabulous las vegas!

oh, hi mgm grand, yes we are checking in.  oh?  free upgrade to a suite?  “free” wi-fi swiped from the skylofts?  yes, please!

(ps i am operating on very little sleep, and am not in too much of an editing mood, so get off your grammar horse and let me be tired and ramble-y)

considering the madness that was the past 24 hours i like to think of it as a little reward.

wednesday morning we left our los angeles hotel (the angeleno– which while very nice, also very noisy…it’s perched right on top of the 405 freeway and makes sure you don’t forget).  it was very early.  we headed back to the now ex-apartment to finish taping up boxes and getting rid of an embarrassing amount of garbage.  then the movers came (early!) with their back braces and shrink wrap and blankets and packing wisdom THANK GOD.  and to think we were going to use those moving pods and pack it all ourselves.  no thanks.

after they left the next few hours were a blur of cleaning, jetting around town to donate items not coming with us, pick up lunch (loteria grill at the farmers’s market), more cleaning, and then throwing everything that didn’t end up with the movers into my car.  you will get a looky tomorrow if i remember to take a picture.

next, evan had to drop his car off at the car-shipper place.  he got a head start and i was about 30 minutes behind.  until i hit the 10 freeway going east at rush hour.  it’s fitting – i am trying to leave los angeles and so it has to give me its worst traffic one last time.  and then evan’s phone died.  and he called me from a payphone outside a mexican restaurant in san bernadino.

and 2 traffic-laden hours or 40ish miles later…..i pick him up outside the restaurant and we speed away into the sunset or something poetic.

and now we’re here.  stealing internet.  tummys filled with wolfgang puck food.  completely exhausted and we’re gonna do it all over again tomorrow.

so as a recap…

we went from:

get rid of it


from the top


and yes, you’re right, that IS the view from the 27th floor.

good night.


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