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so today it finally felt like a road trip.  finally far enough away from los angeles where it’s not a quick drive back (but then again, nothing is a quick drive in los angeles), and also we’re somewhere we’ve never been.  which was not the case for las vegas.

got out of town a little later than planned but we made good time once passing the hoover dam.  which, by the way, is nuts.  concrete and power lines.  wasn’t able to get the good side, as in the ‘oh hey there’s a lot of water behind here i’m gonna go make some electricity now’ side; so we got the water-holding end.  which was still cool, but not the image that pops into your head when you think ‘hoover dam’

after that it was the trek to the grand canyon, probably the most touristy thing you can do besides go to the statue of liberty (which i embarrassingly admit to, and i’m a new york native, even worse)

at long last we get there.  and wow.  pictures will just not do it justice.  as lame and touristy as you might think it is.  which it is.  but at the same time– it’s amazing.  the weather was a little cloudy when we were there but it didn’t take away the gasp factor one bit.  so please go if you can.  and no, we did not do that thing where you walk out on that thing hanging over the canyon.  i just don’t think it’s a good idea.  do you?  i mean, come on now…you’re over a mile up and there’s this…thing…this walkway loop that juts out into the canyon, and groups of people go and stand on it?  i’m sorry, i cannot get behind (or on top of) that.  you’re asking for trouble.

after leaving, the drive to flagstaff brought us onto this local, very deserted, through the woods road.  on one hand it was very cool, but at the same time you have no cell phone reception and it’s getting late.  so you just hope that nothing happens and if it does, that there’s another car not too far off.  it doesn’t take long before the ‘deliverance’ song starts to play in my head.  we’re winding and weaving through this road which feels like an eternity but in real life only about an hour.

flagstaff is smaller than i thought it would be.  we had chili’s for dinner, don’t be too jealous.

pictures later.


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