final stretch

last night on our national tour.  tomorrow morning we leave for new york!  there are still quite a few places i haven’t had the chance to tell you about, but rest assured it will happen.

as for right now, hello cleveland!  after hitting a major traffic jam on the I-80, and then missing a merge onto another highway, i was in a terrible panic.  the rock & roll hall of fame!  the museum closed at 5.30 and i had to make it.  and with an hour to spare we did!  as soon as i walked in the door i was jumping up and down in excitement from the sight of these:

welcome to zoo tv, ya'll trabants from U2’s zoo tv tour.  a tour i might not have attended, but it still makes me all sorts of excited to see in person.  unfortunately i didn’t take this picture.  i don’t know how this person did.  you’re not supposed to take any according to a mean little sign.  i took some bad sneaky ones from outside.  i’ll show you at some other point in time if i’m feeling shameless.  so we did an abbreviated tour of the whole place, there was a special exhibit for bruce springsteen.  saw more awesome U2 trinkets and costumes and things from their past, as well as some other really cool displays.  all which i have no pictures of.  i did buy a magnet, though, so that has to count for something.

and that’s pretty much all i got out of cleveland.  tomorrow is going to be a very long drive.  but then it will be finished and i won’t want to drive a car ever again.


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new yorker. tv freelancer. pork bun enthusiast. cat person.
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