meet me in st. louis….

my loves, i have strayed from you.  i am sorry!  you are abandoned in the middle of the country forced to look at bbq you can’t have.  maybe “can’t” isn’t the right word, more like “probably will never have the opportunity to sink your teeth into unless you go there”.  that is a horrible thing to do.  never again (famous last words…)  so, where were we?  meet me in st. louis!

ok fine, maybe i wasn’t meeting anyone there, but i can finally say that phrase with a little less hesitation and embarrassment as i’ve now been to st. louis!

it was yet another cloudy morning as we left tulsa.  the weather wasn’t being so spectacular on this trip, but at least no tornadoes were in the forecast.  we had to stop at a fedex-kinkos first so i could mail my U2 tickets i sold to the happy new owner.  (now…the whole north american leg of the tour has been postponed – get better, b!)  and then getting out of town was a big old mess from construction on local streets… making getting onto the highway more of an obstacle than it should have been.  but we finally found our way and got on with the trip.

the further east we traveled the more each city looked like a real city.  and by “real city” i mean the buildings were getting taller.  concrete jungle and the sort.

i started taking pictures of the arch as soon as it came within sight.   it’s pretty cool to all of a sudden see this arch just chilling out with regular buildings as if they were all the same.  and the next morning we were able to spend a while in the park taking some better pictures.  also– the river.  yes the mississippi, folks, that river.  it’s kinda flooded right now…or at least when we visited.  we weren’t at a particularly wide part of the river but because of its history it still had quite a presence.  and it’s a freaking river.  you can’t really ignore it.

as we left, we made sure to get our bbq quota filled at pappy’s smokehouse.  as soon as we walked in there was a huge line, this was at 11.30am!  waited for almost an hour, but we are pros at waiting on line from our days of frequenting the kogi trucks in los angeles.  ribs, pulled pork, potato salad…..!!!  it was glorious.  below, that is evan tackling the rib sandwich.

and then it was time for chicago.


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