last leg

we’re almost done!  good thing that drive didn’t take as long as it is taking me to write about it!

so you already heard about getting to cleveland and how i, much to my dismay, was not able to climb inside a zoo-tv era trabant car dangling in the front entrance.  or take pictures.  or touch any outfits and instruments.  but i won’t harp on that any longer…for today.

the following morning we packed up our things, made the final 2 trips to the car to load up, and checked out of the hotel.  not only was the longest drive ahead, but it was also the last day of travel.  now, why would we do this, the day we wanted to drive the least we had to drive the most?  was there somewhere else we could have stopped between cleveland and new york?  maybe, but it sure as hell didn’t cross my mind.  and when you’re that close, you just want to be DONE.

somewhere in eastern ohio was the first time there were signs for new york.  it was finally a city close enough it could be placed on a roadside sign!  the end is nigh!  this was also the point in the road trip where the landscape had become very boring and made looking out the window not a fun way to pass time, so seeing a sign for our destination was sweet relief.

earlier on the journey, the view outside was a little more unusual, or at least, unfamiliar.  it was “wow, check out those rocks!  and the colors of the sediment!  ohhh nothing but desert and shrubs for miles!”.  but now, since we were, for arguments’ sake, practically done, it was more like “oh wow, more trees, is it over yet?”

i had wanted our last “road lunch” to be something tasty, but apparently driving on I-80 is an automatic disqualification.  this was not an episode of ‘feasting on asphalt’ and there were no secret delicious places to be found.  so, somewhere in pennsylvania i had the (mis)fortune of experiencing the arby’s beef-cheddar sandwich for the first time.  it was really salty and strange tasting, like meat-flavored tissue paper, and a terribly sweet “arby’s” sauce (ps- it’s barbecue sauce) on top, rendering the sandwich inedible aside from me being so hungry.  and then the curly fries were sub-par!  the fruit punch might as well have been liquefied bubble-gum, it was at least that color pink, with a hint of neon orange.  you guys, i’m sorry, but i’m NOT thinking arby’s, unless it’s thoughts of disappointment.  and being really thirsty.

but the bad lunch was quickly redeemed by the next detour we made– to the penn state creamery!  this is where our friends ben & jerry learned how to make ice cream, and, you all know what great friends they are.  so we had to pay our respects.  it was the right thing to do.

and yes, it was awesome.

luckily, the ice cream was the more-than-halfway mark, so there were only 200 miles to go.  time to put that sugar rush  to good use and power through the last few hours.  to quote jillian michaels, “this is the part that counts the most”…..i may or may not have used her exercise videos at one point in time.  and i don’t regret sharing that with the world.  but she was probably talking about holding that plank position for the last 10 seconds, and not the gobs of full fat dairy and sugar we has just consumed.

so as you probably figured, there is lots and lots of driving going on, but nothing really noteworthy.  just waiting for things you recognize to start showing up again.  it was finally getting exciting again when we crossed into new jersey.  look how pretty!  and i can say it was the first time i was ever happy to see that state.  i probably just offended someone.  and then we were surrounded by a bunch of maniac drivers.  jeez, there i go again.  but honestly, this was the first time since leaving los angeles where there were a ton of cars to deal with again.

but after approximately 9 hours of driving, we arrive at our destination in new york.  and it’s over.  and my poor car is covered in bugs.


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