the quest for a better s’mores bar

begins today.

who doesn’t like a good s’more?  i remember roasting marshmallows over a raging fire at girl scout camp, fully charring the outside and leaving a gooey gelatinous center.  then, if your marshmallow didn’t fall off the twig you found in the woods 10 minutes prior, you straight up crammed that thing betwixt some graham crackers and chocolate.

it was awesome.  but living in new york city makes the whole ‘fire’ thing slightly more illegal.  the microwave method can be a quick fix, but just isn’t that exciting.  so i went to the interweb for inspiration….

….but most recipes i found involve making a graham cracker cookie base, followed by adding a layer of chocolate, and then marshmallow fluff.   that’s all fine and well if you’re serving right away while the chocolate is still melty, but i wanted something that wouldn’t lose it’s luster if made ahead of time.  my issue with just using chocolate bars or chips is that it hardens again after it cools.  and everyone said working with the fluff is a pain, so why would i want to do that?

i wanted something that could be poured and set.  so i’ve decided to do some frankenstein-esque recipe sampling, throw it all together, and see what happens.  i can’t promise mine will come out any better, but it’s a different approach and i want to see if there’s a reason nobody has done it yet.  (i feel like that’s something someone would say if they were trying to invent a flying machine….)

anyway!  swap-outs are as follows:

base: standard graham cracker crust

center: marshmallow filling (from nigella lawson’s grasshopper pie)

top: chocolate ganache

extra: toasted coconut (because i like coconut.  so shut up)

the ganache has been made and is cooling.  i will come back here with a full report on the final product.  and pictures.



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new yorker. tv freelancer. pork bun enthusiast. cat person.
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