a better s’mores bar, found.

i am quite proud to report that my work paid off and the s’mores bars were a success!  everything set up perfectly, and was still gooey and crunchy and tasted like the campfire snack we all hold dear, just customized for indoors.  here’s how i did it!

first i toasted the coconut, which slightly burned.  but in a serendipitous twist the burnt bits tasted like charred marshmallow, awesome!  more than happy with this result, i proceeded.  toasted coconuti assembled the graham cracker crust in a 9×9 pan with a parchment paper sling, and lightly crisco-ed the other sides without parchment.  then baked it in a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes, and set aside to let it cool.

graham cracker crustin the meantime i took about 3/4 a bag of marshmallows and melted them with about a half a cup of milk on the stovetop over low, low heat, on my smallest burner.  i bought large marshmallows by mistake, you should use the minis.  nigella says to make sure it doesn’t go beyond a simmer otherwise the gelatin will not re-set for later.  so, i do as i’m told and listen to the lovely british woman on my tv.  after it has melted, place into a bowl and set aside to completely cool.  be patient- this will take a while.
marshmallow creamwhen the marshmallow had finally cooled, i whipped some heavy cream to soft peaks, and then incorporated it to the marshmallow.  (please remember this marshmallow is borrowed from nigella lawson’s grasshopper pie recipe, with obvious omissions)

it was now finally time for the assemblage to begin.  i remove my already made ganache from the fridge and microwaved it just enough to be pourable.  also, i decided at the last minute to swap the layers of chocolate and marshmallow.  this was how it looked when i first made it.freshly madephase 1: pour the ganache onto the graham crust and spread around.  put back in fridge to firm up for about 30 mins.

phase 2: gently dollop/spread marshmallow cream on top, so as not to mix up with the chocolate.  sprinkle with toasted coconut (optional, but pretty)finished!i returned the pan back to the fridge and let it set overnight.

they made their debut after a busy sunday of participating in a charity walk and then witnessing my boyfriend compete against my cousin in a fusilli eating contest.i did have to explain to my grandma what my creation was based on.  it may surprise you, but, there were no marshmallows and graham crackers to be found in a small village nestled in the alburni mountains of southern italy.

thankfully, everyone loved them.  buttery graham cracker crust and smack-you-in-the-face chocolate, topped with fluffy marshmallow cream.  all the steps were easy, just a little time consuming with the waiting around…but i would definitely make this again.  next time i want to serve this bite-size on skewers to crank up that nostalgia factor.   i also made a gluten-free version for another cousin, swapping out the graham crackers for gluten free gingersnap cookies.  she was thrilled.  so was i.

a good (and tasty) adventure, indeed.


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