memories of halloweens past

since hurricane sandy has kept me quarantined for the last 12 hours, and with many more to come, i might as well make some good use of this time and talk you you fine people of the internet.

halloween is coming this wednesday, and it made me think of how i spent the holiday in prior years.  my childhood home was on a private, winding, dead-end road in a wooded area, with an old mansion at the end.  the street was so narrow at some points where if two cars were going in different directions, one would have to back up so the other could pass.  there was undeveloped private property where a serial killer could have easily walked out of, so it was actually appropriately creepy at halloween time.  unfortunately, besides the co-op across the street we didn’t really have neighbors; so as a result we never got too many trick-or-treaters.

living on a non-typical street also forced me to travel elsewhere if i wanted my candy, having to tag along with friends, cousins, or sometimes going solo with a parent following me from their car.  some people gave me homemade treats, which my mom threw out when we got home.  old people would hand out boxes of sun-maid raisins, necco wafers, and coins.

in grammar school we were allowed to come dressed up and trick-or-treat to the other classrooms.  they handed out unicef boxes for us to fold up and collect pennies along with our tootsie roll pops but i usually ended up forgetting it at home.  there might have been some assembly where we got on stage and paraded about, grade by grade, but i could be making that up.  but the best part of going to a catholic school during halloween was having the next day off because it was all saint’s day.  it was still a productive day, because you could properly inventory your candy supply.

favorite candies: reeses peanut butter cups, snickers, milky way, nerds, sweet tarts, twizzlers, starbursts.

least favorite: smarties, whoppers, candy corn, dots, juicy fruit.

high school halloween years were hit or miss.  it was becoming the age where you started to feel a tad too old to be asking for free candy from strangers, but you still wanted to enjoy the festivities.  i usually ended up hanging out with friends, either dressing up and wandering about town, trying to avoid silly string fights, or sitting on the front steps and passing out candy.

and then one year i threw a halloween sleepover party and a tree fell in our backyard.  so, really, anything’s possible.


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