crafty costume time

happy halloween to the rest of the country!  it’s a little mixed over here, being cancelled in new jersey, and nyc cancelling the parade.  so i’m glad i was able to go out and celebrate in costume last weekend.  they say it will be rescheduled for another time next week, but i can’t really get into the spirit (ohh, bad pun, sorry) when the holiday has passed.  it’s like watching an award show the next week, it just completely loses the excitement and momentum of the….moment.

a friend was throwing a party, so i decided to go as mckayla maroney, of olympic and internet meme ‘mckayla maroney is not impressed‘ fame.  thankfully for my wallet, and researching skills, i was able to construct my costume of items already existing both in my wardrobe and lingering in the apartment.  not actually having a gymnasts body, i was not confident enough to wander the east village wearing a bright sparkly leotard, so since i already had a fleece jacket, sneakers, and running tights/leggings, that was going to be my look for the evening.  all it needed were the key details and i would be transformed from an amateur jogger to a teenage olympian.

medal: i was able to easily search online for photos of the medals, and printed out a picture of the silver, since that is what our girl mckayla won.  it was then attached to a piece of cardboard and covered with scotch tape to strengthen it.

as for the ribbon the medal was attached to, i am a packrat, so i saved all the satin ribbons from jewelry boxes under the guise of using them for other gifts (which hasn’t happened yet).  i took a ribbon and some old watercolors and dyed the ribbon purple to match what they wore in london.

after the ribbon dried, it was threaded through the cardboard medal.  i took a paint pen and wrote ‘london 2012’ on the ribbon.

jacket: first of all, the same jackets all usa olympians wore could also be yours for the low, low price of $450!  but, alas, i had not the time, nor the money to buy such a thing.  and you know what, they were also sold out!  so some chumps are rolling around in those jackets for real.  again, i was easily able to print out the team logo on the chest, along with an american flag to go on the arm (and to cover the former employer i got my fleece from).  i covered each item again in scotch tape, and, to make my tailor grandfather proud, stitched it to my jacket.

i was starting to feel pretty good about this improvised costume, very hastily made in one afternoon, so all that remained was a high ponytail, and lots of eye makeup.  it was also a genius costume because i was comfortable all night.  how jealous are you now, sexy cat/nurse/disney princess/inanimate object?

here is a (smiling) photo from this past weekend, and from the looks of it, mckayla maroney IS impressed.  as for tonight, i’ll be at home having some dogfish head punkin ale.  have a great halloween, guys!


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