fighting off the cuddle weight

cuddle weight.  it’s a term i heard from a former co-worker about putting on a few extra lbs in the sweater weather months, for, yes, cuddling.  it’s absolutely that season in the northeast again, and after a calm fall and winter last year, it came back this time with a vengeance.  all the more reason to feverishly stuff carbs and proteins down your pie hole, right?

i mean…can you blame abandoning all reasonable eating habits and not exercising on the weather?  because if you can, then i’m totally blaming hurricane sandy and nor’easter athena on my downward spiral these past 2 weeks.  and if you can’t, then i’m totally screwed.

i had recently began to take up running as a means of helping keep me in somewhat a decent shape.  spring and summer i had just minded my eating habits, which helped a lot.  but after i hit a plateau i needed to find something else.  our tiny living room leaves little space for at home exercise videos without rearranging all the furniture so i can prance about and sweat like a fiend for half an hour.  joining a gym was not an option because it costs money i don’t have.  running seemed an obvious choice, but a choice i purposely avoided because 1) i had long spoke about how boring and pointless it seemed.  “you’re just…running….because…what??” was often my complaint.  and 2) my boyfriend’s step-mother is a fanatic marathoner, so i just didn’t even want to begin comparing myself to her.  yet here i was, finally staring it in the face and said, ‘well…why the frickity frack not?’, because what could possibly go wrong?

slowly i began, briskly walking, then with bursts of running, and then working myself up to run non-stop.  i got shin splints, pulled muscles, headaches, blisters from new shoes, and i couldn’t wait for each run to end because i was huffing and puffing at half a mile in.  if you’re a real runner reading this, my proverbial hat comes off to you.  this is not easy, and i’m still not sure i even like it.  but i kept at it and was able to work myself up to a quasi-respectable 10:30 pace; i set my sights on a 5k in the spring.  ‘look at me!’ i thought.  ‘setting goals, like an adult!’

and then the weather rolled in.  all of it.  rain and wind and snow.  i went into full comfort food mode and incessant snacking.  beef stew, cornbread, potato chips, focaccia, pastas, seasonal beers, ice cream, and too many other things.  this wouldn’t have been as much of a problem except that, apparently, i don’t possess cold weather running gear!  i can’t look at my pink speakers without feeling pangs of guilt.  all that work!  going down the drain!  the holidays are coming, all the cookies– what’s a girl to do?

it seems, for now, as if i’ve hit a snag in my lofty goals of athleticism.  more as this story develops.


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new yorker. tv freelancer. pork bun enthusiast. cat person.
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