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you thought i abandoned this thing again, didn’t you?  or maybe, after my last post about all the terrible thanksgiving travel tales that have happened to me in years past, you figured luck ran out and i finally perished on my adventure.  and you know, 6 hours in a car, both ways, can certainly make you feel like you are in some kind of purgatory, being punished for all your evildoing.  i am especially fidgety when i know i can’t move about freely for as long as i wish.  long trips in the car or on a plane are just awful.  i tire quickly of any activity i had planned on keeping me busy, and want to jump out the window an hour into the journey.  thankfully, i stayed inside the moving vehicle and we survived.

and now?  thanksgiving was already so long ago.  i had wanted to tell you and show you pictures all about my creations but now it just feels delayed and sad.  they were so good!  instead of the usual pumpkin pie, i made a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting!  and honey cornbread muffins!  and fresh cranberry sauce!

and that was the kickoff to the holiday season.  last week i made some delicious boozy eggnog.  this week is going to be rather busy.  today, i’ve got a pork shoulder a la david chang’s bo ssam, in the oven.  then, friday i’m helping my mother make our traditional southern italian fried pastry bows dipped in honey and struffoli.  on sunday i am attending a cookie swap, so have a few dozen cookies to prepare.  and last, i wanted to squeeze in a trial run of a salted caramel recipe i may use as homemade gifts.

it smells of porky goodness all throughout the apartment.  it’s about 3 hours into a 6 hour cook time.  can’t wait for dinner.


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new yorker. tv freelancer. pork bun enthusiast. cat person.
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