think warm thoughts

so last week began my 5k training.  which went well in that i managed to get out and run every time i said i would, but that’s where it ended.  taking a 2+ month break is, as one would imagine, not a good idea when you are telling everyone you know that you intend on running a 5k.  i felt that if i kept saying it, then i couldn’t back out.  so there’s a good way to keep a new year’s resolution.  guilt.  you’re welcome.

i knew i was not going to jump right back to my usual pace, but when it was actually not happening, that good old standby, catholic guilt, kicked in, making me regret my break (but eating christmas snacks was so much fun!).

it was nothing short of a bloody miracle that my legs felt okay the next day.  now here we are this week and it’s a cold snap.  i went out yesterday in 19 degrees and wind.  that is all kinds of cold.  smartwool leggings, shorts, long sleeve wicking shirt, windbreaker, hat, gloves, scarf, sunglasses.  it was… a look.  as soon as i got outside i cursed, and bolted down the street in an effort to warm up.  it was not fun, but i did it.  it is strange- that i would feel warmer running outside than i do right now- inside my apartment.  the baseboards apparently need to be replaced.  our landlord knows, so i’m hoping the plumber is available tomorrow.  until then i daydream of ramen-filled bathtubs, and surrender my impulse to bake just to generate some extra warmth.  maybe it’s time to put that bouchon bakery cookbook to good use.


About mariel

new yorker. tv freelancer. pork bun enthusiast. cat person.
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