so, does anyone watch the grammys anymore?

i say that every year, and then i end up watching the grammys because it’s sunday night and nothing else is on (except for those amazing atlanta housewives).  i used to be much more invested in the show when i was a teenager.  but now… it’s more of an afterthought, as compared to other awards shows.

i did enjoy jack white’s performance and his sparkly peacock/eyeball ensemble.  i’ve been a fan of his work since seeing him in the guitar documentary ‘it might get loud’ featuring himself, the edge, and jimmy page.  i went to see it, dragged my boyfriend to see it, i made absolutely sure to see it in the theatre, because i HAD to.  it ended up being a very different experience from most other movies because people were cheering when the musician they liked best appeared.  as a massive U2 fan i was giddy with excitement to see the edge.  and you know, that jimmy page guy is pretty cool, too.  everyone was excited to be there, and at the end there was wild applause and cheering much like the end of a concert.  this also happened when i saw U23D, which was another awesome experience.  i know all movies can’t be like that, but sometimes it would be nice.  so….was it like that with the harry potter/lord of the rings??

i wouldn’t know, as i have successfully managed to not see any of those.  i know, i know, you are incredibly disappointed in this information.  and this is probably difficult to believe, because, pretty much everyone has seen at least one of those franchises with a degree of loyalty.  but it’s true, and i’m okay with that.  i never read the books either.  some co-workers even tried to get me to watch the first lord of the rings a few years ago but it didn’t work out that well.  A+ for an incredible collaborative group effort but that’s where it ended.

and now in remarkably smooth transitions, an update on my 5k training efforts!  my battle with the weather is slowing down the amount of times i can go outside, which is not optimal.  and i still can’t bring myself to pay for a gym.  but i try to get out twice a week, three times if i am really on it and do laundry.  i probably need more running clothes, because weather is one obstacle, i don’t need the lack of clean clothes to set me back further.  i’m about 5 weeks out from the race, so it’s starting to get more…real.  just focusing on distance at the moment, and if i can work on my pace later on, then great.

i found my christmas food photos.  maybe i will post some later!


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