eat and run

oh my god, you guys!  the impossible happened!

on my saturday run, my beautiful spring-like saturday run in the park, i finally hit my target of running a 5k!  3.13 miles in 35:24!  the official race is 2 weeks away- so as long as i can maintain the mileage and don’t injure myself, i feel like i’m in good position to finish and be proud.  i am rather glad it’s not january anymore.  training in sub-freezing temps is SO not my jam.  the issue now is rain.  currently i’m avoiding it.

meanwhile, for as much as i’ve been running, it’s also been a game of “how many things can i make that are completely counter-productive to all my hard work?”  last week was a simple vanilla bean panna cotta, and shortbread cookies.  i had recently taken possession of some sheet gelatin, and wanted to see what i could make with it.  when i saw how easy this panna cotta recipe was, i had to try it.  and it’s true, if it takes you longer than 5 minutes to put together, you have probably done something wrong.  a few hours in the fridge and ta-da!  gelatin.  it’s magic.  and the shortbread?  oh lordy, i won’t be ordering the girl scout trefoils anymore.

panna cotta with shortbread

this week i have another project i’ve been gearing up for, and am excited to finally put it to the test.  more on that another time.


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new yorker. tv freelancer. pork bun enthusiast. cat person.
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