murphy’s law? is that you?

last night i saw ‘the book of mormon’, which was a wonderful, hilarious, charming show.  see it, even if it’s a 5 month wait, go see it.  evan received a ticketmaster gift card from my parents for his birthday.  in april.  of last year.  so… that was a nice thing to finally get around to.  his first broadway show- so exciting!  i had warned him the seats would be tiny and it might not be comfortable for a 6’1″ fella like himself. 

and then i’m the one who ends up with the banged up knee. our seats were in the first row of the upper mezzanine, so there were no seats in front of us, just an iron guardrail type thing.  i managed to bash my kneecap into it twice while moving about either to adjust my coat or let others pass by.  the initial pain passed, and then at intermission when i went to use the stairs… sweet jesus, mary, and joseph!  of course- i get a knee injury while not running.

iced it as soon as we got home, over 2 hours after the incident.  this normally would only be a minor inconvenience walking about.  but that 5k i’ve been gearing up for is this weekend, and i had wanted to get in one more run before then.  clearly that is not happening now.  i’m really hoping this heals up enough by saturday.  fingers crossed.


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new yorker. tv freelancer. pork bun enthusiast. cat person.
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