a strange monday

i went on a run today.  it wasn’t a particularly good run.  i had no energy.  it took every fiber of my being to go as far as i did, which was not far at all.  but i went out as a kind of solidarity thing for yesterday’s tragedy at the boston marathon.

yesterday was off to a good start.  after a fun birthday weekend, i was doing some shopping and getting some additional birthday freebies.  afterwards, i went home to check the status of evan’s stepmom, who was running the marathon.  as she neared the finish her stats weren’t reloading as before.  when a long stretch of time passed with no updates, i began to wonder if something happened.  i shrugged it off, figuring it was just a site issue.  i went to yahoo with intentions of switching back immediately, when the headline appeared about explosions near the finish.  panic set in.

it’s a very unsettling feeling to know a city you called home for a few years, a street your school was on, sidewalks you crossed over countless times, a joyous event you watched from the sidelines, is now overwhelmed in grief.  thankfully, everyone we know up there is alright.  marathon monday, or patriot’s day is supposed to be a celebration, and i know i’m not a born-and-raised bostonian, but through my connections to the city, yesterday was still painful to see happen.

boston is a wonderful, beautiful, tough, resilient city.  i spent some very formative years there.  it’s a long road ahead, but they will bounce back.  sending all my love.

About mariel

new yorker. tv freelancer. pork bun enthusiast. cat person.
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