and guilt rears its head

oh hi guys.

i vanished for a little bit.  i didn’t do it on purpose, but sometimes the days just pass so quick and before you know it summer has arrived and i haven’t said a thing on here in weeks.  i wish i had a better excuse like, ‘oh sorry, i was traveling the world/curing diseases’ or ‘my social calendar has been jam-packed’ but none of those are the case.

i’ve made nigella’s chocolate peanut butter cheesecake, deb’s blueberry crumb bars, and a jalapeno infused tequila that made for some very spicy margaritas consumed on our balcony.  i love sitting out there, perched above the sidewalk, people-watching and judging those who don’t pick up after their dog, or can’t parallel park into a spot twice the size of their car.  and it’s even better when you have a seasonally appropriate beverage.

the cheesecake was made all the way back for mother’s day.  as part of my ‘gift’ i also made dinner for my mom and grandma, who were oh-so-happy to oblige me and enjoy their day of shopping and sitting back while someone else made food things happen (when moms don’t have to cook they are very happy).   however, i think dessert was the clear winner.  it was crazy intense peanut butter flavor but oh so awesome.  cpbcc


and the crumb bars, oh those crumb bars.  blueberry desserts are my summer staple, and every year i make cobbler because i think nothing is better than blueberry cobbler.  but these….well, they might be better.  i made them for a friend’s birthday party… and they were like handheld blueberry cobblers!  which is pretty much what i dream of when i dream of summer, and now you will, too.  so go make them before it’s too late.bars

also- signed up for another 5k in late july.  yes, late july.  hot, humid, oppressive late july.  normally i wouldn’t have leaped at this opportunity, but it’s to help a friend who is organizing the event to benefit the organization she works for.  if you live in the new york area and want to help out, go here to get more info.  i finally bought some warm-weather running apparel, so training has begun.  i’m always amazed, and disappointed, at how quickly i lose progress if i don’t maintain my routine.  the warmer temps aren’t exactly helping either.  but, onwards we go.

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new yorker. tv freelancer. pork bun enthusiast. cat person.
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