i can has… blog?

oh hi!  so glad you took a peek behind the curtain!

i’m a girl who comes from a time and place where you still had to go door to door to sell (and then deliver) girl scout cookies, and the most advanced computer running in your grammar school had oregon trail.  which i have only won 2 or 3 times.  i’m looking at you, typhoid mary

i hope that doesn’t make me sound too old.  because i’m NOT.  yet, anyway….

a new yorker who has lived in boston and los angeles before deciding that, yes, 8 million people on an island sounds like a good place to call home.

i find endless amusement in lolcats, am unreasonably afraid of spiders, and love sandal weather.

but hey, let’s leave the juicy stuff for some real, down-home blogging, yeah?  go back to the main page.

*2012 UPDATE*  yep, still all true.  go back to the main page.

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